Ride quality

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A smoother, Safer Ride

Over the past twenty years, trucks and tractors have evolved into complex vehicles. While design and component changes have improved vehicle performance, elevated drivers’ expectations have increased ride quality complaints. The most common ride complaints are vibrations, shimmies, and shakes. While the symptoms are easily recognized, finding the source of these complaints can be a tough job.

Arrow Truck has the equipment and the expertise to find the source of your complaint and repair the source of the problem. With tools like computerized vibration analysis equipment, wheel spinners and balancers, and decades of experience, Arrow leads the industry in ride quality satisfaction!

Some of the sources include

  • Worn, damaged drivelines
    (u-joints, etc.)
  • Poor driveline angles
  • Worn suspension parts
  • Steering components
  • Motor mounts
  • Wheel end/wheel bearings
  • Tires/rims
  • Brake drums/rotors

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